Morteza Ramezanali

Developer | Technical Artist

Date of birth:

Thank you for visiting my online portfolio! I'm a computer graphics developer and technical artist.

My areas of expertise are:

  • Implementing researches and papers into production ready applications
  • Lighting and look development
  • Photogrammetry, 3D scanning and 4D performance capture
  • Digital image processing
  • Game and movie pipeline development
  • Creature effects and dynamics simulation
  • Tracking and compositing
  • Procedural modeling and animation
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    Oct 2012 - Present

    The Capture Lab at Electronic Arts

    Senior Technical Artist / Developer

    Developing "Captivate", a set of high performance, artist friendly plugins for Maya to solve challenges of 4D performance capture and 3D geometry scanning including: Re-targeting shapes and expressions from a high resolution scanned surface to a custom mesh with an arbitrary topology, Mesh construction from un-ordered sparse 3D points by implementing Delaunay triangulation and discrete con-formal surface parameterization, Dense data sets interpolation using sparse data by implementing weighted radial basis function with various kernels, Non-destructive transfer of low and high frequency details from scanned geometry to 4D processed mesh, Volume preserving Laplacian mesh relaxation, Feature preserving Bilateral mesh de-noising, Rigid transform estimation with scale compensation, Feature based alignment, Linear and non-linear iterative closest point alignment, Active alignment for decoupling rigid transformation from 4D performance capture.

    Developing “FrameFx”, a lightweight and multi-threaded Maya like dependency graph API to implement various algorithms and pipelines including automated multi-array camera radiometric and colorimetric calibration, Multi-image color fitting and consistency operators, Non rigid image registration and temporal alignment, Skin reflectance decomposition.

    Jun 2011 - Nov 2012


    Lead Technical Director / Programmer

    Developing “FLEX”, an artist friendly feather system (styling and simulation) for Maya, Pipeline design and programming including data flow across the studio, On-set supervision, Look development, Photo-realistic lighting and match lighting, Shot finalizing and rendering, 3D Camera tracking, Technical leading and mentorship to the artists, Working with the artists to ensure that all assets and shots are delivered within the budgeted time while meeting the standards of the show, Assessing shots to determine and enforce the appropriate technical setup and workflow

    Nov 2008 - Jun 2011

    Clockwork VFX

    Technical Director / Programmer

    Developing “FLUX”, an approximate image based lighting tool for Maya, Digital lighting, Look development, 3D Camera tracking, Facial tracking and interpolation using stereo pods, RBD and soft-bodies simulation, Fluid and liquid simulations, Enhancing data flow between Maya and Lightwave3D, Developing plug-in to visualize DCM data in 3D, Setting up render layers and passes, Technical compositing and effects, Designing studio's network, servers and farm infrastructure

    Aug 2006 - Oct 2008

    The Chimneypot

    Technical Artist

    Digital lighting and look development, Setting up render layers and passes, Developing "Mathematics nodes for Maya" to enhance the process of character rigging and procedural animation, 32bit color and range diagnostic operator for Fusion, "Meta locators" to store meta data in Maya scenes, Shot assembling and scene optimization, Particles and cloth simulation, Hard surface modeling (procedural / image-based), Texture mapping (procedural/ photo manipulation), 3D Camera tracking, Technical compositing and effects, Designing studio's network infrastructure, servers and render farm


    Digital Content Creation

    Maya, Mental Ray, VRay, Arnold, Boujou, PFTrack, Fusion, Nuke, After Effects, Realflow, Mudbox, Photoshop, Shotgun, Deadline


    C/C++, Maya API, MEL, Boost, OpenCV, OpenMP, Intel TBB, MATLAB, QT, Visual Studio, CMake, Doxygen, Perforce, XML, Python


    2012 - Present


    Autodesk Authorized Developer


    TD College

    Procedural effects with Houdini
    Realflow production techniques


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